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Lauren Pierce
Double Bass
Pirastro GmbH Sponsored Artist

Vittorio Monti's Czardas - on a double bass.   “It's not the size of the instrument, it's just the nimbleness of the fingers. Double-bassist Lauren Pierce performs one of the most virtuosic pieces of violin music in this arrangement with guitar. And by the looks of it, with effortless coolness in her music loft.”  

A double bassist playing Sarasate's immensely virtuosic Zigeunerweisen - it's majestic and jaw-dropping

By Kyle Macdonald, Classic fm, July 28, 2015

American double bassist Lauren Pierce proves Sarasate's flurries of violin-virtuoso notes are no match for her nimble fingers. Read more at http://www.classicfm.com/discover/music/double-bass-sarasate-zigeunerweisen/#sVD1WqLUGye5byDZ.99


Czardas by Vittorio Monti: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1xnDHHFJMnU
Victor Herbert's 2nd Cello Concerto, Movement 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z_fD21n1O3g
Zigeunerweisen by Pablo Sarasate: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Av5jV_lSsI
Edgar Meyer - Concert Duo for Bass and Violin, Movement 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oooODdg7fac

Lauren Pierce is one of those generational instrumentalists with not only the technique necessary to excel on her instrument, but with a flair and presentation that amazes everyone who watches her musically navigate on the double bass. Born in Atlanta, Georgia, Lauren began her musical studies at the age of seven on piano and voice. Later, she was introduced to the Double Bass and soon began lessons with the late Douglas Sommer, section bassist for the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. While studying with Douglas Sommer, she continued her studies at the University of South Carolina under the tutelage of Dr. Craig Butterfield. During her studies at USC, Lauren was given the Presser Scholar Award, named a Magellan Scholar, and in 2010, performed a concerto with the University of South Carolina Symphony as the winner of that years USC Concerto Competition. After graduating from USC, Lauren moved to Denton, Texas to study the double bass with Jeffrey Bradetich. During this period, Lauren competed in the American String Teachers Association Competition and the International Society of Bassists Competition. In 2014, she was named coordinator of the Bradetich Summer Bass Camps.

Lauren has worked in many different genres and artistic mediums. In 2008, she became a section member in the South Carolina Philharmonic. Lauren appeared as a soloist in the 2011 film "Luz," by Los Angeles filmmaker Ellie Ann Fenton. She has recorded as a soloist on multiple albums, including singer-songwriter Collin Hauser's debut album Collin Hauser with Grammy-award winning recording engineer Tim Kimsey, Fall River Footman's Mullen Road, and R&B artist Mikaela Kahn's Milk And Honey.

Lauren brings an impressive performance repertoire to the table, exceptional for the double bass, where she takes many a risk playing works designed for more versatile and manageable smaller instruments. Most critics find her flair and presentation almost magical. Her current library includes:

J.S. Bach Suite for Cello no. 1 in G major
Suite for Cello no. 2 in G major
Suite for Cello no. 3 in G major
Suite for Cello no. 4 in G major
Suite for Cello no. 5 in G major
Bartók Roumanian Folk Dances
Beethoven Sonata for Cello and Piano no. 2 (arrangement by Lauren Pierce)
Bloch Meditation Hebraique
Bottesini Concerto for Double Bass and Orchestra no. 2 in B minor
Debussy Girl With the Flaxen Hair (arrangement by Lauren Pierce)
Fauré Elegy
Franck Sonata for Violin and Piano in A Major
Glière Elegy and Tarantella for Double Bass and Piano
Handel-Halvorsen Passacaglia for Violin and Viola (arrangement for two Double Basses by Lauren Pierce)
Herbert Concerto no. 2 in E minor for Cello and Orchestra (arrangement by Lauren Pierce)
Koussevitzky Concerto for Double Bass and Orchestra no. 1 in E minor
Meyer Concert Duo for Violin and Double Bass
Amalgamations for Solo Double Bass
Mišek Concert Polonaise
Sonata for Double Bass and Piano no. 2 in E minor
Monti Czardas
Myaskovsky Sonata no. 2 for Cello and Piano in A minor (arrangement by Lauren Pierce)
Mozart Per Questa Bella Mano for Double Bass and Bass Voice
Piazzolla Le Grand Tango (arrangement by Lauren Pierce)
Proto Carmen Fantasy for Double Bass and Orchestra
Rabbath Iberian Peninsula
Ode D’Espagne
Poucha Dass
Rachmaninoff Vocalise
Sarasate Zigeunerweisen (arrangement by Lauren Pierce)
Schubert Sonata for Arpeggione and Piano
Tchaikovsky Nocturne for Cello and Orchestra
Walker Chorale for Solo Double Bass

Lauren is a frequent clinician at several workshops, including the Bradetich Summer Bass Camps and Bassmania at Columbus State University. She recently moved to Melbourne, Australia to explore their classical music culture before returning to the United States sometime in 2017. Lauren will be performing and working with musicians at the University of North Texas from July 16-30, 2017 and the Bavarian Bass Days from October 28-30, 2017 as an invited guest performer.


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