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Alvaro Henrique

Alvaro Henrique brings virtue and virtuosity together as he aims to touch people with his guitar. Each musical experience involves a repertoire which tells a story, played on modern or early music instruments, with the deep study of each work. He is the only Brazilian to play all Villa-Lobos solo guitar works recently, and is one of the guitarists who premiered the most guitar concertos. Alvaro has also devoted himself on playing music from the past in 16th, 18th and 19th Century instrument replicas.

Alvaro has playied in 15 countries of three continents, including from countries with intense concert activity such as USA, England, Germany, Austria and Switzerland, to less active countries such as Namibia, Mozambique, Jamaica and Greece. These performances include solo recitals (as in Ireland), orchestra concerts (as in Finland), and festival performances (as in Peru). He has performed with orchestra by conductors such as Julio Medaglia, Ville Mankkinen, Angelo Cavallaro, among others.

Besides playing early music using historical information, he is very active on promoting today's music and he has premiered works by admired composers, such as Claudio Santoro and John Duarte, also promoting the music of less known authors, such as Oliver Thedieck. It is of special importance that his first live radio broadcast was of Valse-Choro, by Heitor Villa-Lobos, via Radio Camara. More than a dozen works have been written for him, including five guitar concertos. That makes of Alvaro Henrique one of the guitarists who most had concertos written for in music history.

Among the composers who have written or were premiered by Alvaro are Jorge Antunes, Ernest Mahle, John Duarte, Mario Ferraro, Carlos Alberto da Silva, Sergio Igor Chnee, Guerra Vicente, Celso Mojola, Jean Goldenbaum, Calimerio Soares and Ney Rosauro.

He is the first brasiliense to release a guitar solo CD and also has two featured CDs, one released in Switzerland (Brazilian Breeze, Brazilian music for flute ensemble) and another in Austria (Jean Goldenbaum works). Featured also the DVD "Opera de Rua: Auto do Pesadelo de Dom Bosco", by Jorge Antunes. His last CD, Suíte Candanga (Centaur Records), shows in music the history of Brasilia. "Melodia", is a DVD recording of a didatic concert to deepen the knowledge of the guitar which plays melodies, not only accompainment.

Alvaro is president-founder of the Associacao Brasiliense de Violao (BRAVIO), first South America Guitar Society partner of the Guitar Foundation of America (GFA), which since 2005 has organized more than 100 events including concerts, soirees, lectures, masterclasses, festivals and competitions. It has received musicians from Japan to Canada, such as Jorge Caballero, Judicaël Perroy, Gabriel Bianco e Johannes Möller.

From 2010 to 2012 worked as substitute professor at the Universidade Federal de Uberlândia, and during this brief period had 12 undergraduate students highly placed in competitions, playing in important cities such as Salzburg (Austria), and/or recording CDs distributed worldwide. Besides teaching, has also given lectures on career planning, musical expressivity, and study technique for musicians.

Alvaro Henrique holds a BMus (USP), Kunstlich Ausbildung at the Hochschule für Musik Nürnberg (Germany), and a MMus (UnB). His main teachers are Franz Halasz, Alvise Migotto, Bohumil Med and Zilmar Gustavo Costa. His informal education includes masterclasses under musicians of international prestige such as Odair and Sergio Assad, Leo Brouwer, Judicaël Perroy, Michael Lewin, Jakob Lindberg, Pavel Stedl and Ricardo Gallen; training of other musical practices (oboe, conductiong, composition); musical exchange in several festivals, congresses, and concerts; besides constant reading on his area of expertise and related subjects.

Has also being a political activist on culture and social participation, for he considers that the governmental decisions on art, culture, comunication and other sectors affect too much people's lives to be made solely by those who lack the professional expertise on the field.


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